Sunday, January 27, 2008

Office construction done

Today I finished painting the closet door frame, the window, and the area around the new power outlets. Basically, these were the last construction related tasks that I had put off for the past month. Now I just need to organize my crap. And I have lots of crap.

Here is my workspace:

To the left of my desk I have a peninsula for extra desk space.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still here

I've been very busy with some consulting work.

Check out this blog, Kitchen Patrol. A friend of mine seems to be having kitchen issues.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


This weekend I started to get my office setup again. Next week I need to give a talk to a company in Maryland and I need to work on the presentation. Like any good grad student, I procrastinated. One of the things you learn to do in grad school is to procrastinate productively.

So today:
  • I patched the kernel for the Lyrtech SFFSDR board with the Davinci NAND flash driver, setup the SFFSDR board, and tested the kernel. Lot's of progress, but I haven't quite got it working. I suspect I need to read up on setting the NAND controller registers properly.
  • Started finishing the wall where I added a bunch of AC outlets.
  • Read about some algorithms for FM demodulation
  • Filled out the rebate form from the PS3 purchase. (They'll send me 5 blu-ray DVD's)
  • Took the cardboard from the office furniture to recycling.
  • Started collecting information on the ML-403 evaluation board from Xilinx.
  • Responded to some emails that needed responses.
  • Looked for an Open Office template for my slides.
  • Started working on the presentation.
A fine day of procrastination!